unlimited music rental

After having opposed the global license, which was based on the ability for users to download unlimited music for a monthly fee, some majors seem to turn back. Universal has just launched Buzzmusic.fr, a download site whose entire catalog is unlimited accessible for approximately 10 euros per month. Once terminated the subscription, it becomes impossible to listen to the downloaded files. This is usually the case for this type of offers, which are already available for some years in the US. The kiosk Universal, he, however, has 50 000 titles and music videos to his credit. We are far, for example, the catalog of one million references Fnacmusic.fr, which incidentally also becomes available indefinitely. But there, the download is not allowed. The subscriber can just listen to the catalog of online music service in the streaming mode. In short, Fnacmusic.fr not really innovates and finally layer, in terms of services, the supply of its MusicMe competitor.

Going back to Universal. While the catalog is Buzzmusic.fr may not be as complete, but the proposed titles can be downloaded and transferred to compatible music players used digital rights management system. It also welcomes the original initiative of Universal. He joins the players maker, NEO, to couple the purchase of an MP3 player to access 6 months to this online service … With this offer, Universal cut a little grass underfoot Apple, however well placed to offer this type of offer since, both players manufacturer and distributor of content via the website Itunes Store. To accompany its first iPod U2, for example, Apple has just simply put in the package a voucher valid on the purchase of Irish band the integral on its online music service. It remains to wait for the likely responses for unlimited music from iTunes Store, and other SonyConnect Virginmega.fr.