Unitymedia: hassles for customers hotspots

Unitymedia will make its public wireless network denser. Now customers are to provide their private router as hotspots.

K aum was clear that the federal government tilts the Störerhaftung, Unitymedia reacted promptly. The cable operator announced to ignite the next stage of its wireless Offensive: By the end of it is in Germany give 1.5 million hotspots where customers can go unlimited surfing. For Unitymedia will not expand its network with far 1,000 public dial-points, but use the router the customer but. They want to configure the devices so that they emit two encrypted wireless signals: one private for the use and a publicly accessible. customers are informed in these days about the plans of the party by mail. But now go the consumer advocate to the barricades.

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The Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen has Unitymedia warned. Although consumer advocates are basically for the provision of public hotspots, but they criticize the implementation for “lord of the manor.” The Consumer demands that the customer must agree the signal extension. Unitymedia expected against the fact that they contradict. Who does not do that automatically mutated into a hotspot operators.

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According to terms prohibits Unitymedia customers to deploy the hotspots to affect their use or prevent. Moreover, it is not allowed to interrupt the power to the router over a longer period. “Customers do not accept the conversion of their router to a hotspot and also the wireless service does not want to use the planned activation of the Wi-Fi signal if conflicting contradict” advises Miriam Rusch-Rodosthenous of the Consumer. And one more thing customers should note that if the August 2016 fall of the router compulsion to use a router of their choice under the Unitymedia customers the provider of Hotspots.