Unister CEO Thomas Wagner dies in plane crash

Unister CEO Thomas Wagner died in a plane crash.

H ow Spiegel online reports citing Slovenian media and the Leipzig Airport, Wagner came on a flight to Leipzig killed. The Unister CEO was on board a Piper-32 engine that came from Venice. According to reports, the plane crashed in mountainous areas in Slovenia and burned out thereafter. Before, it should have been problems with icing.

Iridescent and controversial: Unister boss Thomas Wagner

Thomas Wagner (born in 1978) was one of the shooting stars of the German Internet scene. For his group Unister include the well-known travel portals “fluege.de” and “ab-in-den-urlaub.de”. Unister headquartered in Leipzig, more than 1,200 employees in various locations. After the initial flight of the company is currently in a difficult phase, is partly due to the search for an investor.

Succession should be resolved quickly

Unister was in a moment of deep sorrow, the company said. “Incomprehensible. We are all sad. And speechless, “said also Unister co-founder and partner Daniel Kirchhof. Wagner has created a new business segment and built big. From companies report said, it should now be clear path for the operating business’ within the meaning of our founder “.

Larger sums of money on board?

According to information of the German Press Agency, two other passengers and the pilot died. If a passenger is probably a Unister partner. The second is to be bankers and consultants according to media reports. Reports of a large sum of money on board would not comment on the police first. Allegedly, several million have been found in cash at the crash sites. ┬╗Unister: this website covers rip on

After this website search: raided Unister

In the negative headlines Wagner and Unister came in 2012: employees of this website found that Unister on its travel portals tried to customers for sale, among other unwanted service charges and insurance. Behind the insurance but no insurer but Unister stand by you. But the company has no license. The research called the prosecutor on the plan. 2012 There was a raid at Unister. Wagner was briefly in custody, but was released on bail. Thomas Wagner was accused of illicit distribution of insurance. but to process it did not, the district court Leipzig examines the charge.

┬╗Ticket scams Unister

Negative headlines due Downloaded Book

2014 was again fluidized to Unister travel portals fluege.de, flug24.de and billigfluege.de: The ARD magazine fact reported new allegations. Unister customers were sold at inflated prices flight tickets. Again under investigation.