Ulead VideoStudio 8.0: Test and Review

Considering that video enthusiasts looking primarily ease of use and professional results, VideoStudio is a choice of software. Most users who ride Video indeed seek to make their home movies and other works that could be presented to everyone without it asked too much work and time. This is what allows VideoStudio 8.0.

Software installation from the CD is simple. The box even includes a second CD with background images and video clips ready for use. The only requirement is to have a PC running Windows 98 or a newer version.

At the launch of the program execution, VideoStudio offers a choice between the interface of the assistant or the classic movie editing. The wizard, similar to the excellent program VideoWave Movie Creator Roxio is one of the new features of version 8. If this tool does nothing for videographers lit, it will appeal to beginners. All they have to do is actually select a video and then be guided through the steps: adding text, choice of music and disc burning (or simply file backup).

The standard interface has changed little compared to the previous version: it remains one of the best designed editing tools available. VideoStudio 8.0 includes a number of welcome additions like the ability to edit and encode to MPEG-4 simple profile video, provided you have a MPEG4 codec or plug-in for Ulead.

Audio options have also been improved. VideoStudio features a number of new audio filters and can create a panoramic effect with a sound produced by the speaker left or right. VideoStudio now includes a timeline stretch comparable to Apple iMovie: it increases or reduces the audio signal associated to the different sections simply by clicking and deforming curve of sound level. Among the new tools, however, the most interesting is the automatic generator that automatically matches the music to the duration of the scene. It is possible to incorporate audio clips provided to create a soundtrack, but experience is best to reserve this feature for short scenes as if the music is too repetitive.

In this version, you can also brighten up your images with the panoramic and zoom effects. Moreover Ulead DVD provides more models than before: there are now thirty but we would like to see even more … You still have a greater number of options when you burn your project to disc.

During our test, import, editing and burning took place without problems but we found a lack of nervousness of the entire program. However, in terms of ease of use and pleasing devices VideoStudio is an excellent choice.