Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3.0 Disc Creator: test and review

The first two versions of Ulead DVD creation software is simply called DVD MovieFactory. Version 3 has taken the name of DVD MovieFactory Disc Creator, change is justified by the contribution of new features. The application can now create not only DVD video discs but also music and data. Moreover, Ulead has expanded its range of video tools to expand their scope. The interface is suitable for both beginners and those looking for a simple burning software. Although Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition Ahead is the best in its class, the new capabilities of MovieFactory grouped within an intuitive interface make it an interesting choice, especially for non-specialists.

MovieFactory 3.0 could not be easier to install. Simply insert the disc into the drive and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Customize the installation is possible: some users may, for example, does not wish to include the DVD drive. But most will settle for the standard installation. MovieFactory 3.0 works with Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000 or XP but not on Mac platforms.

Compared to the previous version, Ulead has made many improvements to the interface. The main screen gives a better view of the possibilities of the program. This screen allows you to choose the type of disc to create video, slideshow, or music data and select direct recording to disk (that is to say, the direct recording from a camera, with no editing). It is also possible to edit or erase a rewritable disc, copy disc, launch the label making software or use the DVD player.

Ulead has introduced some remarkable innovations. Version 3.0 accepts video from a DVD recorder (using the DVD-VR format). This allows to import the recorded TV programs and eliminate commercials before archiving. MovieFactory can now directly edit the content of rewritable discs, it is possible to add video to a DVD previously created and change the menu without having to use a new disc. In our tests, these operations went perfectly.

In our tests, the creation of video discs, slide show or music is equally smoothly. One regret however: the dull gray interface of the application is not particularly aesthetic. In Revancha, we appreciate MovieFactory offers to engrave the player software on all new video disc, thus facilitating its subsequent visualization. We also appreciate the ability to insert video in menus, backgrounds and buttons. A small detail: we would like the reset button of the disc burning is labeled “Burn” (Burning) rather than “Output” (output).

MovieFactory offers few editing tools that we do not recommend. Simple tasks such as adding a transition or crop a scene are unnecessarily complex effect. Even the location of a specific image is as delicate as in version 2.0, the video is offset by a few seconds in the scroll bar. Users looking for a video editor worthy of the name should consider Pinnacle Studio 8.0.