Uber wants 100,000 autonomous Mercedes

Daimler and Uber have according to industry information entered into a mega deal about 100,000 autonomous S-Class.

M ore again Uber – the start-up, which has it in for taxi operators, making headlines again. But this time it is not about the dispute in Europe. The Manager magazine claims to have learned that the Stuttgart should provide a six-digit number of autonomous cars at Uber.

100,000 S classes for Uber

The agreement shall have Daimler CEO Zetsche and Uber CEO Kalanick hit directly. “This order, however, still hang in diverse conditions. Thus Kalanick interested initially only for autonomously controlling versions of the Mercedes flagship “, says the Manager magazine. Until then, however, still take years.

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Uber interested for some time in autonomous cars

That Uber for autonomous cars interesting, is not new: Already in August, the start-up hacker had set that will work meticulously on self-driving cars. The motivation is clear: there is no driver, Uber makes more profit. Should Daimler really deliver 100,000 cars to Uber, the mega-deal would amount to a total of EUR 10 billion, reckons Manager Magazin – a conservative estimate. According to a Daimler spokesman it were merely speculation – more you did not want to comment date.

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