Two voice recognition software

With voice recognition software, those who master the evil strikes the keyboard grab three times faster. But they also éreintent three times faster. For if the software transcribe text dictation, they forgive any mistakes. The two basic rules to get a good recognition rate is articulate and never hesitate. Users also specify punctuation and layouts. From there to the use eight hours, no. Too tiring. Rather some everyday uses of ten minutes to one hour maximum.

In the field of voice recognition ViaVoice from IBM and Dragon NaturallySpeaking XP surprised by their performance. With texts with common words, they offer an accuracy of 90% and more. For every word that is unknown to them, it is necessary to teach them the new term.

However, Dragon is more accurate than his colleague who tends to replace words with phonetically similar expressions. And it is more current than his colleague in terms of compatibility with different operating systems. The latest version of ViaVoice is, indeed, a reissue of the product out there two years ago when the only novelty is the compatibility of the basic version (Standard) with Windows XP. Both are also available in a professional version that offers, among others, application control by voice. Again, Dragon takes advantage by offering recognition of English and French, as is the transcription of voice recordings into text.

For their use is the same. Connect the headset with microphone supplied, and read their text to familiarize them with your voice. Then click on the microphone button on the toolbar, then talk. Dictation begins.

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