Two dual layer burners face to face

With a dual layer DVD burner, you do not copy twice as fast, twice copying data! Or 8.2 GB on a single disc against 4.3 GB before.

Everything is inserted in this type of optical drive supports the good, ie, DVD + R DL. This is the first blank media called “double layer” for the general public. DL for “Double Layer” meaning “double layer”. These media have on the same side of two storage layers. Where a storage capacity almost multiplied by 2. In practice, the DVD + R DL media writable once, are choice of media for duplicate identically its DVD video. For DVD + R DL and lots of DVD video commercially share to host data on two layers of the same face.

Also, to replicate identically its feature films, it remains to be equipped with a compatible recorder with DVD + R DL as SOHW-832S from Lite-on and the DRU-700A Sony. Both bi-standard burners duplicate a movie in 45 minutes at the speed of 2.4x. In comparison, virgin easy single-sided DVD layer have limited space to 4.3 GB but they support much higher writing speeds: 9 minutes sufficient to fully fill blank writable DVD once that are DVD + R and DVD -R. A period that extends to a little less than 15 minutes when writing on DVD + RW rewritable discs and DVD-RW.

It is difficult to separate the Lite-on and the Sony focusing solely on their performance since they are similar. But with a software dot more substantial in burning software, DVD creation and video playback, Lite-on product steals the show at the Sony DRU-700A. Not for a long time ! Because things are ephemeral in the small world of engraving. Announced for the beginning of August, the DVR-A08 burner Pioneer is supposed to write an entire DVD + R or DVD-R in less than 5 minutes at the speed of 16x. And duplicate DVD video to DVD + R DL in 30 minutes at a speed of 4x.

The selection eLaptopComputer

Sony DRU-700A

To burn quickly or write on double layer DVD.

82 stars

Test performed on 06/07/2004

Lite-on SOHW-832S

Burn twice the data three times slower!

83 stars

Test performed on 17/06/2004