Twitter Kit now includes native video formats

Twitter made some changes to its development kit to facilitate the use of videos posted on the social network. Third-party applications should thus be able to run seamlessly videos.

With the Twitter Development Kit (Kit Twitter his nickname), developers can add to their applications a placeholder social network chirping. If the messages are perfectly well integrated, multimedia however is not managed optimally and requires the user to go through a third or WebView application. A constraint that will soon be put away on the shelf of old stories.

Twitter has announced its integration into development kit native support for video and animated GIF. Applications using Twitter Kit will now be able to display multimedia content in full screen, without having to launch another application. This new, already deployed on iOS (for 8 and later) should arrive soon on Android.

An automatic update

The good news for developers and for users is that this update will be deployed directly within Twitter Kit and will not require any special modification. Thus, any application that has the latest version of Twitter Kit will be automatically compatible with video content. News that should facilitate the deployment of this feature.