Twitter fans 140-character limit

In the future, Twitter users will soon have more space for their messages.

T he 140-character limit on Twitter is for local users due to the characteristics of the German language has always been difficult and rapidly provides frustration – especially when one has a strong desire to communicate and even links or photos would be accommodated in the proposed text. The volume exists – a fact also in the calculation of the message length – albeit in abbreviated form. But that is soon closing: Twitter wants attached links and pictures in future no longer count on the length of tweets. Also mentions by users no longer belong to the message length to.

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The changes will perform in the coming months Twitter. Also to note: future @ -Erwähnungen other users appear at the beginning of tweets all followers in the timeline.

For years losses

Speculation about the end of the 140-character limit there for some time already. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hinted in January 2016 and that the limit stands for debate. However, a complete abolition reject the users from primarily because so their view is lost after the character of the short message service. However, the company must provide incentives to finally be commercially successful. Because unlike Facebook and Google for years traveling to Twitter losses.

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