Tutorial: How to install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire 7 (2015) without root?

For those who do not have a big budget, the Amazon Fire 7 (2015) may be a good first step into the world of Android tablets. His biggest weakness is nevertheless to be based on a fork of Android, with the result that it can not natively access the services of Google (Play Store, Gmail, etc.). A problem that can fortunately be repaired quickly.

Solutions to install Google’s services on the Amazon Fire 7 (5th Gen), there are several. The simplest is still the one proposed by the GadgetsXray YouTube channel because it asks nothing more than the tablet and internet connection. Here is how to install the Play Store on Fire 7 (2015) in just minutes!

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Start not allow installation of applications from unknown sources in the Security tab of the tablet settings.

Then download the App-Shop application ES File Explorer.

Open the application and the menu of the latter (by sliding your finger from the left edge of the screen to the right).

In the Favorites tab click Add and enter in box Directory http://dwl.gadgetsxray.com address.

Finally, add any name in the second box and click Add.

Your favorites, click the new category that has just appeared, which will bring up a page with four links.

Click the first link, then download the four files there.

Also in the Favorites, go to the Download section and install IN ORDER by clicking

Google Services Framework

Google Play Services 4.4.52

Google Account Manager 4.0.3-239410

Google Play Store 4.6.17

At the end of each step, click on the Done button, except during the last (Play Store installation), you can click Open.

The Google Play Store then asks you to create an account or sign in with your account if you already have one.

If you try to install and run a Google application like Gmail or YouTube for example, you will be prompted to update Google Play services. Then click Set To Day (twice), then restart the tablet.

Finally, reopen the Google Play Store and go to settings and click the box version. A pop-up should appear telling you that the app will be updated. Wait until it closes and restart there in order to have the latest version.

So here you are with Amazon Fire 7 (2015) capable of accessing the Google Play Store and download many applications in it. Attention, however, this does not guarantee the proper functioning of each of them …