Tutorial: How to fly his Samsung device from their computer with SideSync?

Although Samsung does not communicate very little above, it offers users a powerful tool: SideSync. With it, you can monitor their phone or tablet to its distance from his computer. Write and receive SMS, answer calls, chat with Facebook contacts, WhatsApp and even play Android games from your PC becomes very easy.

Those who work all day on a computer must make regular trips between their work screen and that of their smartphone, whether in response to an SMS, quickly scroll through their Facebook wall, or just relax with a of Candy Crush Saga. To facilitate these actions, Samsung offers SideSync, a software able to take full control of a unit of distance mark, and conversely to use a keyboard and mouse directly.

Windows and Mac OS

SideSync with the aim of Samsung seems clearly to be able to meet the needs of a wide audience, not just a short fringe of hackers geeks willing to get their hands dirty. To install SideSync and pair the two devices, simply download the client (or server) to either side, and run the application on one side and the other software.

Level restrictions, know that it requires a Samsung smartphone Android 4.4 KitKat or more, or tablet running Android 5.0 Lollipop or more. Note that some models may not be compatible. Our tests, conducted on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, themselves meanwhile all shown convincing.

On the side of the computer, SideSync is compatible with both Windows (XP SP3 or later) Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.6 or higher).

A very simple installation

SideSync to install, simply install the software of the same name, available on Samsung’s website, your computer and the application on your smartphone or tablet. The two devices involved must still be on the same WiFi network to be to recognize.


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Start both, click the “search” button on one as on the other and then select from the list that opens the device you want to pair your phone, tablet or computer (s window opens on both sides). Once recognized both terminals, a window should open on your computer, displaying different icons and your active notifications.

Many possibilities

Once connected, SideSync offers various features, starting with the display of your notifications as a small pop-up on your computer when received. It is possible to directly manage the click of a mouse, to emulate the opening of an application or respond to a message using the keyboard.

Above, a shortcut bar to display a list of your favorite applications, to access a few clicks to your mail, for example, or your SMS app. Basic, this shortcut bar also includes a “My Files” button enables you to copy a simple drag / drop files on the phone.

In addition, from the time the phone or tablet is synchronized with the PC, the sound that comes out is transferred to your PC. Convenient to read local files or enjoy a streaming subscription on desktop speakers without connecting their account on the computer.

The screen mirroring

In addition to managing its notifications and messages from their PC, SideSync also offers the ability to display their smartphone screen directly on his computer and thus enjoy all the catalog of applications and games available on Google Play Store. The latency and the lack of multitouch mouse to prevent actually enjoy the fastest tracks, but these are few and it is quite possible to play like Lara Croft GO example and even, to a lesser extent, Ski Safari 2 (preventing slowdowns breaking records).

To make this practice more enjoyable, Samsung has even thought of adding a “phone screen” button to rotate the screen or make screenshots.

And moreā€¦

By clicking on the “More” button in the main window SideSync, the software also offers additional options such as “Turn on sharing the keyboard and mouse,” for using the devices in question on their phone or tablet , or “Enable mobile hotspot” to use your 3G / 4G as network access point.

some constraints

The operation of SideSync however, is not without fault. Besides the interface is not always very fluid and some synchronization losses that may arise, some more technical problems are felt. Those who have locked their phones with a fingerprint for example, on the most recent models, will remember their security password to access the contents of the phone to each use in screen mirroring, or think unlock their phone before using it.

Moreover, during our first connection, the keyboard was configured QWERTY. However, this can be corrected by positioning the cursor in a text box, then clicking the notification “Select a keyboard.” Then select “Configure input methods” and in the “External keyboard” on “Sidesync Keyboard”. Finally, click “Set the keyboard type” and choose the French language. The QWERTY keyboard are back!

Finally, note that it is advisable to connect the phone when the use of SideSync in mirroring mode. The connection being resource intensive, your battery will melt like snow in the sun.