TTS: Why I decided to connect my house?

I wake up at four o’clock, I Master Gims spitting in the ears, the lights flash. My alarm playing tricks on me. My house has a virus. Technically, it is a malware. You get the picture, it triggers the alarm with music that I blacklisted, he takes a picture of me when I get out of the shower and uploads it to Facebook. No big deal. Go back to sleep would be possible, but I think about why I decided to connect my house?

Tech Talk Show (TTS, for short) is a new issue of under 30 minutes (theoretically) with this driver. The idea is pretty simple, discuss the tech in a relaxed atmosphere, without taking the head, surrounded by some of the team or guests depending on the topic.

Of course, this is a format that will evolve, we wanted given her own style (hipster nerd glasses, shirts and so on), and we have already planned some changes and adjustments for the second episode. Before the end of the year, you find a podcast (RSS), in addition to the video format on YouTube and audio format on Soundcloud. Good viewing !

This week, an introductory episode to the connected home, where we discuss light way home automation but also all the entertainment side. In this episode, Vincent and POD around the table, with Ulrich presentation.

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