Trend PC-cillin 9: Test and Review

This new version takes advantage of various improvements in its functionality, appearance and ergonomics. The virus detection scanner achieves a flawless, whether for tracking viruses and worms Recently, as for the detection of macro viruses or old or boot virus executable. Viral purge the possibilities are recessed, while still remaining among the best: disinfecting a file out of three for recent virus, this ratio improved for older viruses (1 out of 2 in 2 of 3 by type virus) or macro viruses (disinfection few gaps). Non purgeable file their virus can be renamed, deleted or quarantined (safety zone).

The program also provides filtering of messages (inbound only) and Java and other dangerous ActiveX control applets. In still note a cleaner dedicated to the Trojans.

This version 9 takes advantage of a new interface, more attractive and more effective too. The novice will opt for the Simple mode that limits the use the basic functions. Standard mode appropriate for its part to other users. This ease of use is found in the settings, which have been enriched. The scanners on demand and real time can be set individually: file types to check (all recommended, selected), level of depth compressed archives (1-6), backup files before disinfecting. The programmed scanner can be set frequency (day, week, month) as in verify mode: programs, macros, internet files, etc.

Protecting this version 9 no longer limited only to related viruses and dangers. The program now has a firewall, an indispensable complement to good protection for web browsing. Let us recall that a virus has no effect facing a port scanner, which however does not introduce any code in the target computer and can read / write to the hard drives of this machine. This firewall is simple to use: by setting security levels, detection of network adapters (for sharing conflict without internet access).

The program also has a parental filter, which, however, may soon show its limitations (only registered websites are blocked by the user). still include the protection of PDA (Palm, Pocket PC and Epoc) during the wireless transfer. A complete and effective protection.

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