Trade-In Amazon: trade Used books against vouchers

New Service from Amazon: The online retail exchange used books for vouchers.

M odern flea market on the Internet: Amazon will launch the “Trade-In” service, which allows customers to send in used books and audio books and get Amazon vouchers in return. The vouchers can be used not only for the purchase of other books. The trade-in service works as follows: The Exchange willing inform yourself on the trade-in site on the exchange value of their book. They then sign in with their Amazon account and print a shipping label that allows a free sending of books on Amazon.

Is this book from Amazon received, his condition is checked. If it is in a good condition – without dog-ears or notes – the agreed amount is credited to the customer. If Amazon finds that the book is not in good condition, the owner can decide whether he wants it back or whether Amazon should make the disposal.

Tracking status

Customers can track their account in every stage of the trade-in service at any time. The trade-in price of a used book is based on the original price of a book, and at the current customer demand. Books which have not been registered before shipment to the Amazon website, but still posted, be edited or sent back from Amazon.

The project is currently still in the beta phase and is not yet fully lunged. In addition, some customers complain that their books not yet listed with the service and therefore not being exchangeable. (Vk)