Toshiba Regza 42X3030DG: test and review

Aesthetically, nothing to report in particular. The black lacquered finishes are now “standard”, the Swivel Stand proves reassuring (which is not the case for all competitors) and the slab, matt, is anti-reflection treatment. Good. The device accepts full HD 1080p signals at 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60Hz via both HDMI (v1.2). Extra. The HD DVD and Blu-ray are welcome. Especially as the contrasts prove conclusive (4 to 6000: 1 in dynamic mode), even if the black level is not an unfathomable depth. Brightness, very frank (500cd / m2), is still a little cold. However, it is not complicated to get a convincing calibration with a complete and damn good user interface.

The sources from the TV tuner (not compatible MPEG-4 HD) are properly treated, but it is again impossible to avoid some small flaws: a lack of precision as soon as you activate the zoom and cropping, the fuzzy and misfiring on all images in movement (ouch!), that flesh tints are still struggling to remain credible and above a level of precision to the fluctuating programs will. Despite the electronic artillery deployed by Toshiba, the SD scaling Full HD remains average.

On HD sources, however, we swim in full happiness. The outlines are clear, colors are fishing, moiré effects disappear and restitution gaining fluency. Finally, this TV offers excellent quality sound reproduction through a mini ramp Onkyo HP (Slim Speaker) and SRS WOW technology.