To be invisible face the NSA, he must choose his smartphone

At a military conference in the United States, Richard Ledgett, director of the NSA, returned a little more detail about the impossibility to decipher the iPhone 5c San Bernardino terror which ran the agency . The NSA was indeed difficult to “hack” some devices.

In March, the FBI and Apple had made a beautiful part of showdown in court that the government agency gets the Cupertino company the magic key to decrypt the iPhone a terrorist. Finally, it is neither Apple nor the NSA (Agency specialized in the interception of communications) that have provided assistance to the FBI, but a group of professional hackers.

Some observers still believe firmly that the FBI – or the NSA – had the ability to unlock the iPhone terrorist (which eventually included no useful data), but they did not and they tried to go through legal and legislative means to force the creation of a backdoor in the iPhone – and thus all other phones. The head of the NSA therefore wishes to defend himself from the accusations.

The iPhone 5c shunned by criminals

According to Richard Ledgett if the FBI and the NSA failed to decrypt the contents of the iPhone 5c killer of San Bernardino, it is because this model is not widespread among criminals (the bad guys). Indeed, he said that the NSA does not study each phone and model as if no thug not used, it is useless to be able to decipher it. NSA therefore focuses on the most used phones by criminals and not the most commercially available devices. A choice not necessarily wise because the terrorists seem to multiply the use of diverse and varied devices to precisely protect their communications. The iPhone 5c is also the Apple phone shunned by most consumers in the Apple brand.

The iPhone invincible?

The announcement from the NSA, however, seems a little too good to be true. The agency has indeed immense resources to successfully penetrate within devices and to decipher their content, especially as the iPhone 5c is less secure than its big brothers in the absence of cryptographic coprocessor ( Secure Enclave). This would mean that the NSA could not decipher the content of every iPhone since the iPhone 5s, plus it hard to hack the phones that do not appeal to criminals.