? Tips watches: Moto Sport 360, Asus ZenWatch 2 and Pebble Steel Time in promo

Whether it’s not out his smartphone from his pocket at every turn, to provide design or monitor its sport accessory, there are connected watches for various uses. Three watches on sale this weekend: the Motorola Moto Sport 360, Asus ZenWatch 2 and Pebble Steel.

It is in CDiscount that we find these three devices, which not only benefit from instant discounts, but also vouchers offered with the purchase, until May 26 You will receive an email voucher to spend on the site within a month.

Motorola Moto Sport 360

Sports shows in Android Wear is charged EUR 244.99 with free shipping in the relay point. Sports watch, which we found a bit expensive during our test, is associated with a purchase of 20% of its price, ie 48.99 euros. The Motorola Moto Sport 360 therefore amounts to 195.99 euros.

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Moto 360

Buy 18 €

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Asus ZenWatch 2

The latest model from Asus on Android Wear, comes with a silicone strap taupe, and in its larger version 1.63 inch (with heart rate sensor, is in turn charged 146.99 euros. It is then 30% of the price you will receive by email, or 44.09 euros. in total, it will cost 102.89 euros so.

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ZenWatch 2

Buy 169 €

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Pebble Time Steel

A little design that the first watch brand, the Pebble Steel Time is on promotion to 229.99 euros instead of 299 euros. At this price, you can subtract a voucher for 91.99 euros, or 40% of its price. The watch thus amounts to 137.99 euros.

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